Kyle Roper

Kyle Roper’s career in entertainment spans over a decade and has seen success both in front of, and behind the camera. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2002, Roper co-founded the sketch comedy group, The Exploding Pajamas, which performed at The Acme and Complex Theatres. The group was a critical success and served as a launching platform for Academy Award Winning Director Daniel Lindsay. Roper pursued his interests in media creation when joining Film 101 Productions in 2007. Since joining the company, Roper has not only creatively produced projects such as CONCRETE BLONDES, TALK TO ME and THE SHALLOW END, but he has directed the feature length documentary, THE MIRAGE, which is currently being distributed by Invincible Pictures. Roper has been an essential creative evaluator of 101, and later, SBM investments. Kyle holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MIZZOU).
Friday, April 28